Heated floors for comfortable living

Heated floors for comfortable living

Flooring provides a beautiful palette for the rest of your home and can also enhance its performance or even stand out as a statement piece on its own. Tile, vinyl and other options come in a variety of style and designs that provide an invaluable aesthetic function to any home. In floor heat can enhance this function by creating a warm, comfortable floor underfoot that adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any flooring surface.

A radiant floor heating system can use either a series of hot water tubes or wires under the floor to create a consistent heat which allows heat to spread evenly over the surface, releasing more warmth than your standard forced air system. This also allows the homeowner to customize areas which will receive heat, whether it be the full floor or specific zones. With the electric heat-wired method a specialized thermostat is installed allowing the customization of timing and temperature which enhances efficiency by minimizing the use of electricity in hours which the space is not being used.

What does this mean to you as a homeowner? This heating system adds a warmth and comfort to your home that you and your guests can enjoy all year around. Picture getting out of your warm, cozy bed early in the morning only to step on your bathroom tile that feels like an icy frozen lake. With the use of radiant heat, you could set your timer for one hour prior to waking up so instead of ice cold tile you’re stepping into a warm, inviting space that makes you thankful you didn’t put on your slippers.

Ceramic tile is the quintessential product for just about any style and budget. The variety of available colors, shapes, patterns and sizes are unending, allowing you to create a look that fits your unique style whether it be traditional, contemporary, or somewhere inbetween.

Ceramic tile unarguably is one of the most durable options for flooring, able to tolerate the wear and tear it is exposed to.

There are also certain health benefits that arise from the use of radiant heat. On cold days when we are more apt to turn up our furnaces the warmer temperatures have a tendency to make the air dry and leave our sinuses dried out. But, with radiant heat only warming surfaces and not affecting the air, this problem disappears. Radiant heat also does not rely on the use of fans, ducts and registers to distribute the air, which can reduce exposure to dust and seasonal allergies in the home.

Regardless of the style you select to incorporate radiant heat, it is a worthwhile investment that will bring warmth, comfort and value to your home for decades to come.


Cara Johnson is a sales and design professional at Kiss Carpet Design Center, which comprises a dedicated team of flooring specialists with three locations around Northern Michigan. She graduated from Adrian College with a bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2012 and enjoys working with her clients to create a beautiful and unique experience tailored to their individual needs.

Written By Cara Johnson