Flaco, an estate bottled Tempranillo

Flaco, an estate bottled Tempranillo

A few years ago, Spanish wines made a splash in Wine Spectator magazine and life hasn’t been the same since. In the Symons Wine Cellar, we had discovered some very inexpensive rioja’s and Tempranillo that were easy to sell because of their quality and price point. Many have increased in price and some have disappeared due to popularity. One nice inexpensive one remains very popular, Flaco from the growing regions of Madrid, Spain right in the middle of the country. 

The Tempranillo grape is changeable with the terroir (the ground the vines grow in), the temperature and elevation. Flaco is grown at 2,400 feet of elevation, in clay soil, and during growing season temps averaging 64 degrees.

The nose is of fresh berries, lighter fruit to be exact, and a hint of spice. On the palate, the fruit is evident early but through the middle a lush roundness in taste leads to a soft finish. Dark blackberries and raspberries highlight the difference from the nose.

For a valued wine you can pair with just about anything you’re cooking or grilling in any season, Flaco is a great choice. Enjoy!

Written By Tom Renkes, Photo by Sean Miller