Sweet! A skier's delight

  • Sweet! A skier's delight
  • Sweet! A skier's delight

Imagine skiing near the Mountain Express chairlift at Boyne Mountain. It’s your first time there, carving into fresh corduroy beneath your skis. You’re flying down blue squares and thinking about attempting a black diamond when the sweet smell of waffles hits you.

Though it may strike you as unusual, Boyne Mountain regulars aren’t phased by the delicious scent. Neither are Crystal Mountain skiers. They all know about Emerson Meyer’s Waffle Cabin. What they’d undoubtedly tell you is that Meyer’s waffles are a perfect respite from a cold, hard day on the hill.  

Meyer’s first waffle was taste tested for quality by his wife, Juliet, in December 2016. Since then, he has been serving up warm original and chocolate-drizzled waffles to skiers of all skill levels.

While Meyer was living in New York and skiing at local resorts, he began seeing Waffle Cabin franchises.

“I discovered the business concept during my time in New York City, when I would frequently ski out east,” Meyer said. “I would enjoy these amazing waffles and think wouldn’t it be cool if I could do this where I grew up.”

So, that’s just what he did.  

The business concept Meyer refers to is described by the Waffle Cabin website as “Waffology, The art and science of making the best waffles in the world. Period.” It’s a fairly consistent business plan, waffles made plain or with chocolate. It’s that consistency that makes the franchise work. The dough (not batter) is a proprietary recipe.

“It has pearl sugar in it that caramelizes as you bake the waffle, making it sweet and with a subtle taste that is oh-so-good!” the Waffle Cabin website highlights.

Carefully proofing (letting the dough rise) for an hour and pouring onto a cast iron griddle, with a unique honeycomb design, for three minutes, the Belgian sugar waffles are made with care for every customer.

“Our focus is to provide a great product in a convenient and unique atmosphere while focusing on adding value to the customer experience in all our venues. I am hopeful we will continue to expand and prove that a lot of hard work and a good idea can go a long ways,” Meyer says.

The Waffle Cabin is still pretty new to the ski hill scene but it’s in high demand. In June of 2017, Meyer was able to expand his business by adding the Waffle Cabin Wagon, a summertime, traveling waffle-mobile. With his business mobile, Meyer is able to set up shop at local festivals across Northern Michigan.

The Waffle Cabin Wagon’s summer menu is expanded from the ski resort fare.

“In the summer, we have added the Moomers famous ice cream to the lineup as well as the S’mores Waffle and Waffle Nuggets,” Meyer says.

He is always sure to add heaping helpings of Moomers caramel sea salt ice cream to each serving.

“We sell a lot of ‘fully loaded’ waffles in the summer with chocolate drizzle, Moomers ice cream and whipped cream,” Meyer says.

Though they have never run out of the waffles, they have had some long lines based on demand ... especially on National Waffle Day which took place in August.

“Moomers has been ranked the number one creamery in the country,” Meyer says. “We try to use high quality ingredients.”

Their waffles, their hot spiced cider from Vermont, and Moomers ice cream are exactly what they’re looking for in quality, Meyer explains.

In December 2017, just shy of a year after opening the Boyne Mountain location, Crystal Mountain got its own Waffle Cabin, too.

The Boyne Mountain and Crystal Mountain Waffle Cabin locations are open in conjunction with the ski season.

“Boyne Mountain is only open during the ski season and Skitoberfest (the first Saturday in October). Crystal Mountain is open all ski season and for special events May to October,” Meyer says.

The Waffle Cabin Wagon is available May through October for special events.  

Follow the Waffle Cabin on Facebook for times of operation and special events.

Written By Jennifer Murphy, Photos courtesy Waffle Cabin