Pamper the pollinators

Pamper the pollinators

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Pamper the pollinators

By Babette Stenuis Stolz

The photos on pages 26-29  in this issue of HomeLife will surely get you excited about the gardening season.

John and Mary Lee Campbell’s beautiful flower gardens in Charlevoix are an inspiration to all of us who have a passion for gardening, especially with flowers.

Perennials, annuals and flowering trees and shrubs fill the Campbells’ numerous flower beds, line pathways, edge fencing and surround the comfortable outdoor seating areas that make up their backyard oasis. An array of color, texture, shape and form creates this expansive delightful space that beckons passersby to not only look twice but to linger taking in the beauty of these glorious gardens.

Flower gardening is good for our senses and even better for our soul. The time spent planting, weeding, watering, pruning and deadheading comes with a full season of sweet rewards.

A perennial garden is ever changing and enchantingly fragrant and when complemented with a selection of annuals — such as the Campbells demonstrate so well — provides non-stop color all season long. Grasses add grace to the garden while shrubs and bushes add texture and diversity to the home landscape.

All of the beauty in a home flower garden has the added benefit of sustaining our much-needed pollinators. By growing plants that bloom from early spring through summer and late into fall, gardeners are making positive contributions toward their conservation.

Whether you’re inspired to plant a pot, a planter, an island bed, or an entire plot of land this summer, flower gardening is a rewarding hobby with the added benefit of attracting and protecting our precious pollinators.

Written By By Babette Stenuis Stolz