Water accents create 'Wow" makeover

  • Water accents create 'Wow" makeover
  • Water accents create 'Wow" makeover
  • Water accents create 'Wow" makeover

Greenspace can be limited in downtown Petoskey, yet business owners Cheryl and Roger Tallman have accomplished a noticeable landscape in a confined space.

The building is located at 523 E. Mitchell St. in Petoskey, and accommodates their businesses, Fresh Baby and Creative i. Before the makeover, the property was in great shape but it lacked that “wow” factor. Previously, what stood out about the company building was a ground-mounted flag pole, flat white siding with brick trim, and a small green lawn.

Designed with clients and employees in mind, Cheryl and Roger wanted their new space, “to be dramatic, rustic, functional and have a beautiful display of water.” The whole exterior space was updated from the siding to the grounds.

Their landscape design highlights the right of way with an Aquascape pondless water feature and a Techo-Bloc patio, which serves as a lunch corner for their employees.

An important element to the pondless water display is the two spillway bowls that will oxidize over time. They are linked together to seamlessly create a waterfall and disappearing water feature. The trickle pouring from these bowls is enticing to anyone walking by. The delicately mulched flowers and shrubs were added to complete the look of tranquility. Time will allow the vegetation to grow and occupy the whole space.

This water feature centers on an ecosystem approach that relies on the most natural balance of circulation. Every single stone was hand picked to fit perfectly within the mesmerizing water feature. To achieve the most diverse amount of color variation and texture, a wet cast concrete was chosen for the patio. The enchanting feeling that emits from the soothing water feature transcends up the building with the newly added gray siding.

The Tallmans enlisted help from Kristen and Dave Austin of Waterpaw Ponds in Northern Michigan. They are experts in the pond design and building industry. The pair pulled out all the stops to take this business exterior from blah to breathtaking. Kristen highlighted that, “the benefit of the Tallmans’ pondless water feature is that it can be turned on and off with a flip of a switch which allows more life over time.” Even winterizing is a breeze — just shut it off, the fountain doesn’t need to be drained. Flexible PVC and gravity help keep the water lines clear. It took Kristen, Dave and their team seven days to complete the entire landscape design.

The saying goes, “first impressions can be lasting impressions.” The Tallmans no longer have to wonder what type of impression their property is radiating to the world. Their newly updated green space charms all passersby.

Written By Shelley Cole, Photos by G. Randall Goss